Rencontre Internationale autour de la POLARITE (8 Sept 2017, Berlin)

Voici une bien belle information, pas si loin de nous, à Berlin du 8 au 12 septembre 2017…Les communications sont en Anglais…

L’international Polarity Alliance organise trois jours de conférences, ateliers autour de la thérapie de Polarité . Voici le message reçu et les liens à ouvrir pour les détail des conférences  et inscriptions:


« Dear Polarity friends from all over the world,

I am reaching out to you as I have the honor to inform you that this years INTERNATIONAL POLARITY EDUCATION ALLIANCE (IPEA) GATHERING
will be held in Berlin, Germany!

The German Polarity association (PVD) decided during last years gathering in London, to organize the following one. And which better place could there be than Berlin. A city of such rich history and a lot of new, inspiring energy?!

Therefor I gladly invite you and your members, schools and friends to join us in September in Berlin.

Some short details: IPEA GATHERING in BERLIN  8th-12th of September 2017
We have lecturers coming from all over the world:cercle de mains
Iris Breuert, Germany
Phil Young, Irland
Eduardo Morales, Mexico ( mon enseignant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Oliver Bansmann, Germany
Zorka Grigorov, Switzerland
Martina Nigg, Switzerland
Brigitta Raimann & Andreas Ledermann, Switzerland
Daniel Kreier, Switzerland
Heather Principe, USA

We would be very happy to also welcome Polarities and those who are interested in Polarity Therapy from Spain, Australia, France, England, Austria, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Canada…

I will forward a few links to you where you can redirect the people to from your website. They will be directed to the IPEA webpage where all the booking and information forms can be found.



If you have any more questions or if I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to write me an email.

This could be an amazing chance to get to know each other and spread  Dr. Stone´s wisdom!

With much gratitude and love,

Emmanuelle Collinet

1. Vorsitzende Polarity Verband Deutschland e.V.
Polarity- und Craniosacral Praktizierende // Actress and Voice Actress // Body & Soul Coach
Home  [<<;
Mobile +49 1772787768  +52 1 5544477989
„Wir werden zu dem, worauf wir uns ausrichten“ Dr. R. Stone « 

Some short details:  IPEA GATHERING in BERLIN

8th-12th of September 2017

Essentis Bio Hotel<;

Rooms including meals, daily fees:

Single room- 568€ / $620 per personDouble room 480€ / $520 per personThree bed room – 457€ / $495 per person
Also we are offering a day tour „Berlin from the water“ for 18€/person
Of course all IPEA and NON-IPEA members are welcome to join this top class gathering.

Merci beaucoup Emmanuelle pour organiser cette importante rencontre  !

Le Docteur Stone en son temps, donnait beaucoup de conférences afin de faire connaître la Polarité… Ce qu’il nous a laissé, tel un pionnier,  à inspiré beaucoup de praticiens de santé !

Dr Stone conference





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